Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fury on New York's Power 105 & 106 and Park (FINAL FOUR) Blind Fury vs Artisan & Ami Miller vs Moon



  1. The singing was beautiful & the rapping just says it all. Blind fury is operating on a high level of musical & lyrical taste & his intelligence has outshone everyone so far. This man is amazing & inspirational & moves me each time he performs. Priceless.

  2. You know I have family in East Over so I know what Blind Fury is talking about a small town, now this is a man that has been blesses with the talent of a true rapper something we don't have much of left anymore, this is a fact that I have seen some very very good talent go against Blind Fury and he smashed every last one of them with skills over skills. I would never boot leg this mans CD or records because I know I am going to like every track that is on there so I can say that Blind Fury I have no idea who or what you are but your one of the most talents artist I have ever seen and you just have the skill it's not about color or anything else and you never allowed any handicap to defeat your skills I can say your about the best I have ever heard on a freestyle with coming back at other artist and this takes 100% skills.

    Your the man for future in the music business. Make sure you stay supporting the south because I love to go down there in East Over and have me some smoke pig in the smoke house in the back yard.. and some hash!

    Peace Brother!